Fallen Ice cream on the floor indicating mistakes
Fallen Ice cream on the floor indicating mistakes
6 things to learn from the past massive UX mistakes (Photo Source: Sarah Kilian Unsplash)

According to research, companies that invest in solid User Experiences see a lower cost of client acquisition, decreased support cost, and increased market share. We can learn a lot from past mistakes and inculcate persistent critical scrutiny. Although technology has been advancing every minute, history helps us understand the many reasons why people behave the way they do. This understanding can help us become more compassionate and impartial.

1. Make sure your foundation is strong and scalable for the future

Flawed structural workflows for users — Zoom — Video and Audio calling App

Presently, when most of the world is in quarantine, the popularity of video calling applications has increased than ever…

Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

From the day man drew his footstep on the lunar surface, we realized it is possible to achieve more. A simple & accessible platform that uses interoperability to avail different medical disciplines is the vision for the future in the healthcare industry. With a few clicks on our smartphone or computer, and we can get professional healthcare services instantly.

The telehealth framework has gone through major evolutions. Well-defined technologies and clear goals impacted life of both patients and parties that treat them continuously. We can now safely prevent avoidable harm with effective and improved healthcare services. …

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With the emergence of technology and digital products, businesses are leaning towards becoming more digitalized than ever. In the last few years, organizations have been more aware of the mechanisms of accessibility and inclusivity and have started to implement them in their products. A digital product optimized for usability can probably have much advancement that will benefit people with a range of afflictions and impairments. Similarly, an accessible website provides universal usability benefits. That is why any advancement created with accessibility improves feasibility.

Implementing accessibility and inclusivity in digital products removes barriers, and companies are striving to create an equal…

This project is a part of my Interaction Design Specialization program from UC San Diego offered through Coursera. Check out this Coursera course here.

Have you wasted time just scrolling through content on Netflix and switching between multiple streaming apps? But still unable to decide what to watch.

After all the efforts or getting a suggestion from a friend, you watched an amazing movie, and now you want to tell your friends about it and discuss it. But the group chat discussions on the movies and TV shows always deflect.

This TV Guide app will act as a central hub…

I want to share my UX Journey and career transition story in the hope to inspire and motivate if you’re still wondering how to start.

Boston Skyline from Cambridge side — My long walk — Photo by Sunil Shinde

I was a mixed bag of emotions before I started my UX journey. I was curious to learn, confused about how to start, anxious coz of unemployment, and super excited to get started soon with my next move. I wanted to untangle these emotions with a clear mind, so I went for a long walk on the Charles River in Cambridge, MA. I feel nature around is so inspiring and motivating that we often forget…

I think the last 2 weeks have been the toughest although we only worked on our portfolio and did some lessons in the class. It is hard to write about yourself and build a responsive website from scratch. At the end of week 02, we will be presenting our case study on a live portfolio (on our owned domains) to an Industry Professional.

I applied the UXD approach to my portfolio design as well. All other parts of the process worked well except the development of the actual site. I did some research and shortlisted Webflow and Squarespace. Both are…

These last 2 weeks were drastically different than the first 2 weeks of my cohort. As mentioned in my last journal post we were getting into week 5 with Group projects. This is the first time I will be collaborating with other UX designers on a UX project, and I was super thrilled to get started. And it was indeed a thrilling and learning experience.

On Monday after we finished our Project -2 presentation, our instructors introduced us to Project 3 — Designing an App for an established brand/company. We got to read all the briefs and were asked to…

Today we had our final presentation for the 2nd project. This is week 5 and the last 2 weeks (10/26–11/09) have been crazy busy including weekends. Want to know how crazy busy? read through

We get 2 weeks for each project and for this project we also worked on branding and high-fidelity prototype, so it was intense, and I had to put a lot of extra hours after the class and over the weekends. I am really enjoying the format of learning in the morning and applying the learnings in the afternoon by practicing it. …

I just completed 2 weeks and this is my first journal entry for this course.

It’s been 2 productive weeks of practicing User Experience skills in my User Experience Design Immersive course at the General Assembly. As the name suggests — it’s truly ‘Immersive’. In total, I will be learning and applying the UX Design techniques on 6 different projects for 12 weeks under the guidance of 2 awesome Instructors and 2 amiable Teaching Assistants.
I am hoping to share my experience and inspire someone who is planning to get into the User Experience Field.

On day 1, after a…

Sunil Shinde

📍Boston, MA. ⚡ I am passionate about Technology Usability and Interaction. 📯 Portfolio: SunilShinde.io Twitter: @UXification

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